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Who We Are

AsiaFoodInspection is a food inspection agency providing safety and quality control services in Asia for the food industry.

AsiaFoodInspection brings the best of expertise from:

- AsiaInspection (
The leading provider for quality control in Asia, with 80,000 controls performed yearly.

AsiaFoodInspection is led by a global management team and operates from Hong Kong.

Food Expertise

AsiaFoodInspection is powered by it's extensive experience in food safety & quality:

- Undisputed scientific leadership and quality commitment
- Unique network of independent and accredited labs in Asia
- Expert staff available across Asia
- Global coverage of labs, bridging Asia's challenges with global requirements

AsiaFoodInspection inspectors & auditors are qualified through:

- Online training (e-learning)
- Face-to-face on site training
- Random shadowing and control of auditors are all part of internal quality system

Learn more about AsiaFoodInspection food products expertise.

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