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Food Formula Validation Study

When you make changes to your formulation, modify processes, employ new equipment and techniques, how do you ensure the safety and quality control of your product?
General time/temperature models may not provide enough accurate predictions on log reduction and could mis-estimate your process.

Here is where AsiaFoodInspection comes to help!

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Benefits of Validation

Our researchers can conduct validation studies and provide scientific data to verify the effectiveness of your process, equipment and formulation.
The validation study helps to assure the safety and quality of your food product by providing solid information on the reduction of spoilage organisms and pathogens through your processes.
We can design studies to simulate your process at our research facility or conduct studies in your plant.

What the data from the validation study can tell:

  • Log reduction of microbial in accordance with current regulations
  • Optimal cook times, temperatures, and proper holding temperatures of your process
  • Whether the sanitizer product or new equipment are effective against pathogen and spoilage organisms
  • Whether the equipment modifications or replacement are required

This information can help you identify the weak points and provide you with a better understanding and more confidence in your processes and equipment.

From heat penetration of high pressure pasteurization, our researchers possess years of experience with leading thermal and non-thermal processes. Our extensive knowledge of food microbiology and solid experience on validation study helps to safeguard your food product with the utmost confidence.

Contact us for any inquiry you may have on our Food Formula Validation Study capabilities.

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