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Food Inspections

AsiaFoodInspection offers food inspection services to let you have a complete check of your running production in factories, across Asia.

Easily appoint one of AsiaFoodInspection's trained food inspectors online: from your dedicated account, provide your specifications, get an instant pricing, and submit any change to your requirements or schedule.

When your production is ready to be inspected, AsiaFoodInspection's inspector visits your supplier and performs a random selection checking on quantity, packing, labelling, dimension, weight and visual aspects.

AsiaFoodInspection's food inspection services allow you to spot inconsistencies in your production lots before they leave the factory: you can react timely and avoid costly rework, sorting or recalls.

Schedule an Inspection

Food Inspections Process

  1. From your online account, you can easily book your inspection, providing AsiaFoodInspection with key specification of your order, such as factory contact details, product description, pictures, key tests to perform on-site and defects to look for, and sampling method. You are guided along the way through our user-friendly booking forms.
  2. Your order is then processed, and AsiaFoodInspection teams liaise with your supplier to confirm the date and place of the inspection.
    Our specialized food experts prepare a complete food inspection protocol for our inspector to follow, merging your instructions with industry standards and our know-how.
  3. On the day of the food inspection, the inspector will follow standard steps such as:

    • Random sampling (determined according to the product type)
    • Visual check
    • Product-specific tests
    • Defects sorting and counting
    • Packing and labelling check

He will document his findings in a report illustrated with pictures, that will be sent to you on the same-day of the inspection; you can then make an informed decision regarding the shipment of your lot.

Why AsiaFoodInspection?

A dedicated account manager to help manage your specific needs.

Once registered, quickly and easily schedule inspections, testing, audits and samples picking from your account.

Get a full picture of your products quality at the source.

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