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Microbial Challenge Study

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art testing methodologies, AsiaFoodInspection labs can help you launch microbial challenge studies for your products or processes, and resolve problems that could prevent them from getting to market.

A microbial challenge study is used to simulate what happens to a product during processing, distribution and subsequent preparation and handing should it become contaminated.

A properly carried out microbiological challenge study is performed by inoculating selected microorganisms into a food or formulation to determine if the organisms would present a potential health hazard or spoilage risk.

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Microbial Testing

Microbial challenge studies are being conducted more frequently by the food industry.

A microbial challenge study helps the processor ensure the safety of any new or reformulated food product in which potentially hazardous microorganisms might be present in low or incidental numbers. It also helps to determine whether a food has the ability to ‘kill-off’ any pathogens or toxins that may accidentally enter the product.

A microbial challenge study can provide information on:
  • Shelf life of a product
  • Formulation and packaging material or method
  • Process validation
  • Sanitizer efficacy

Challenge studies can provide a wealth of valuable information about the safety and quality of products to food processors. Through challenge studies, processors can ascertain and extend product shelf life, prevent the release of microbiologically unstable products and protect brand names by avoiding costly recalls.

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