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Our Expertise in Food Safety

AsiaFoodInspection provides expertise in food safety inspection in Asia.

AsiaFoodInspection inspectors and auditors are specialized by line of products through on-line and physical training as well as random shadowing.

Experts in Your Product Line

AsiaFoodInspection food safety inspection services cover all food categories:

  • Seafood (processed, raw)
  • Vegetables and fruits (processed, fresh)
  • Processed meat & poultry
  • Dairy food processing
  • Honey processing
  • Eggs processing
  • Cereal grains and nuts processing
  • Bakery and snacks
  • Beverage
  • Confectionary
  • Preserved food
  • Food ingredients
  • Oil, fat and its base spread good
  • Dietary supplement
  • Animal feed

Specific checklists and inspection protocols are designed for each category, and certified inspectors are sent on-site.

Learn more about a typical on-site inspection process

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