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Food Safety Services

AsiaFoodInspection offers the #1 online platform for quality control.
Send an inspector to any factory in Asia within 48 hours from $ USD.

  • Complete coverage for Asia food safety: inspections, GHP & GMP audits and certification.
  • Complete online platform: book orders, manage protocols and approve reports easily.

Product Inspections

Verify running food production in the factory.

  • Quickly book online and have a trained inspector on-site within 48 hours.
  • Receive your report the same day as the inspection and make an informed decision with
    your supplier.
  • $ USD per man-day in Asia

Laboratory Testing

Food testing that is CMA & CMA-F, CNAS accredited.

  • Tests cover key analysis required by China and export markets: European Pharmacopeia,
    British Pharma, AOAC, FDA/BAM, GB/T & SN (official methods in China), ISO
  • Approved by Entry-Exit Inspection, Quarantine Bureau and SFDA
  • No technical expertise necessary: our search engine provides all tests for your
    product compliance.
  • Pricing instantly available starting from $10 USD per component.

Audits for Food Factories, Hotels and Catering Facilities

GHP, GMP and Certified Audits

  • Assess your suppliers' facilities and organization according to GMP, HACCP
    and ISO 22000 standards.
  • Hotels and restaurants: assess your hygiene practices with GHP audits
  • Confirm social compliance of your suppliers with SA 8000 audits and ethical trading with
    Sedex Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA).
  • Send an auditor to any factory in Asia within 48 hours for $ USD.
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Case Study: Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Discover how a seafood importer reduced its supply chain risk in Asia.

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Sample Reports

View a sample inspection report for your industry.

About Us

AsiaFoodInspection is powered by AsiaInspection as the leading provider for food safety and quality control services.

600+ experts on the ground and 3 accredited labs allow AsiaFoodInspection to address all food safety needs at the source.

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How It Works

  • Schedule inspections, samples picking, testing and audits online
  • Receive your report and approve your products for shipment
July 2015

Meet us in Chicago!

AsiaFoodInspection will be exhibiting at National IFT from the 11th to 14th of July 2015.

Our team would be delighted to meet with you and offer our inspection, lab testing and audit services.

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