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Food Safety Services

AsiaFoodInspection offers the #1 online platform for quality control.
Send an inspector to any factory in Asia within 48 hours from $ USD.

  • Complete coverage for Asia food safety: inspections, GHP & GMP audits and certification.
  • Complete online platform: book orders, manage protocols and approve reports easily.

Product Inspections

Verify running food production in the factory.

  • Quickly book online and have a trained inspector on-site within 48 hours.
  • Receive your report the same day as the inspection and make an informed decision with
    your supplier.
  • $ USD per man-day in Asia

Laboratory Testing

Food testing that is CMA & CMA-F, CNAS accredited.

  • Tests cover key analysis required by China and export markets: European Pharmacopeia,
    British Pharma, AOAC, FDA/BAM, GB/T & SN (official methods in China), ISO
  • Approved by Entry-Exit Inspection, Quarantine Bureau and SFDA
  • No technical expertise necessary: our search engine provides all tests for your
    product compliance.
  • Pricing instantly available starting from $10 USD per component.

Audits for Food Factories, Hotels and Catering Facilities

GHP, GMP and Certified Audits

  • Assess your suppliers' facilities and organization according to GMP, HACCP
    and ISO 22000 standards.
  • Hotels and restaurants: assess your hygiene practices with GHP audits
  • Confirm social compliance of your suppliers with SA 8000 audits and ethical trading with
    Sedex Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA).
  • Send an auditor to any factory in Asia within 48 hours for $ USD.
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Case Study: Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Discover how a seafood importer reduced its supply chain risk in Asia.

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Sample Reports

View a sample inspection report for your industry.

About Us

AsiaFoodInspection is powered by AsiaInspection as the leading provider for food safety and quality control services.

600+ experts on the ground and 3 accredited labs allow AsiaFoodInspection to address all food safety needs at the source.

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How It Works

  • Schedule inspections, samples picking, testing and audits online
  • Receive your report and approve your products for shipment

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