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Food Certified Audits

AsiaFoodInspection offers certified food safety audits services following recognized schemes across Asia.

Easily appoint AsiaFoodInspection's trained auditors online: from your dedicated account, provide your requirements, get an instant pricing, and manage easily your audits program.

AsiaFoodInspection offers Certified Audits services for the food industry, following internationally recognized schemes.

Using a Certified Audit scheme allows you to reduce food safety risks across your supply chain, while eliminating redundancy and improving efficiency by implementing a globally-recognized approach.

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In today’s competitive international market, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the food hazards and demand quality food. Retailers and manufacturers wanting to cater to these demands are asking their suppliers to demonstrate commitment to produce and trade safe food, by implementing international certification schemes.

FDA and other regulatory bodies across the world recommend food audits to ensure that production is controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the regulatory authorities.

Why do you need our food audits?
  • Time and cost efficiencies - reduces the need for inconsistent, costly and multiple sessions
  • Recognition - certifications are accepted and endorsed by major U.S. and international retailers and manufacturers
  • Adaptability - suitable for suppliers operating in both domestic and global markets
  • Increased Profits - Promotes the reduction of product loss and waste
  • Competitive Advantages - over non-certified producers and enhanced market access
Global standards certification path

Asiafoodinspection can provide offerings that encompass all facets of Auditing and Certification to recognized Schemes, including:

  • Pre-assessment Audits
  • On-site Facility Audits ( Added step of documentation review for some)
  • Corrective Action Management
  • Defined Audit Surveillance visits

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